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NeaEng - Remote Data Monitoring -

We are happy to announce collaboration with REMODA portal 

Registered users can view, analyze and collect their data …Anytime… Anywhere!

This portal supports industrial and/or commercial remote process monitoring, control and data logging. 

Salient features are not limited to: 
    >   CUSTOM REPORTS (on per-case requirements) 
    >   SMS / EMAIL notifications (event- or timer-driven) 


  • LIVE (€) electricity bills (quantitative comparison of EAC tariffs)
  • Energy Demand, Consumption & Quality Analyses (determination of customer profile)
  • PV Production, Yield & Performance Ratio
  • Remote Weather Stations
  • Industrial Processes & Productivity
  • Digital/Analogue sensors (temp, pressure, weight, flow etc.)
  • BMS, PLCs, SCADA etc...



Live 1: 12 KW PV System Test Device , PVoutput, Enfoton Solar, Tripower 12KW 

Live 2: Simple House and PV OR here , TrinaSolar, Tripower 8KW

Live 3: 7KW PVsystem , Sunny Mini Central 7KWor here

Live 4: 10.5KW System, 3*3KW SunnyBoy, Monocrystaline, Alpha Panels

Live 5: 50W poly Panel (real time NetMetering) Panel with Microinverter

Live 6. 20KW System with Trina Panels and 2 Tripower SMA 10KW

Live 7: 20KW System with HarreonSolar and 1 Tripower SMA 17KW

Live 8: 20.2KW System with HarreonSolar and 1 Tripower SMA 15KW  and 1 Tripower 6KW

Live 9: 6KW HarreonSolar Tripower 6KW

Live 10: Real time Comparison between 3 PV Systems using Xively

Live 11: 19.5 kW East-West Oriantation with SMA and RECOM panels Latsia

Live 12: 7.25kW Agious Trimithias, SMA and RECOM panels

Live 13: 35kW ORA project SMA and HareonSolar Panels (SMA Web box)

Live 14: 40kW Peristerona, SMA and RECOM panels  (SMA Web box) 2*20kW

Live 15: 3kW Net-Metering, SMA and RECOM panels (PVoutput) Production Vs Consumption

Live 16: 3kW Systems Comparison 

Live 17: 3kW Solar Edge Monitoring Vs Current Cost Meter

Live 18: 3kW RECOM and SMA via PVoutput portal

Live 19: 80kw  from PV pvout with temperature on Panels REFUSOL

Live 20: 4kW Netmetering Recom + SMA and seasonal tilting

Live 21: 1kW Demo Unit with ABB (Aurora) Microinverters, Various Panels West Orientation

Live 22: SolarEdge 3kW Monitoring with CurrentCost

Live 23: Solar-Edge Production & Consumption


DC-GAP monitoring Team


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