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Benefits from Solar Panels

Customer has a lot of benefits by installing the system.

a. According to your un-shaded roof size the income from EAC can exceed the bill from EAC.

b. Banks can guarantee and finance the system. Once the system installed and approved by EAC and Special Fund Committee then banks can pay directly the DC-GAP. A portion of the payments from EAC can be transferred to the bank directly until the system pays out itself (based on the Production) and the rest are issued every two months to the customer.

c. Approximately Every KW installed can produce 1500-1550 KWh per year.

d. 55% Subsidy from the Government (before VAT), after approval usually takes 6-9 months to get the check. This can be deposited directly to bank.

e. Payback of the system varies from 6-8 years according to the size, However the customer can receive income from the first year! (In case of a loan it depends on the kind of loan.)

f. System can produce energy for more than 25 years. The subsidy from the Government is for 15 years.

g. After the period of 15 years EAC can continue to purchase the Energy Produced from the System at the price set by CERA. On the other hand, the energy produced can be used for customer needs. There is also the option to Store the energy that is not needed and use it later (i.e. during nights with the help pf batteries) or sell the surplus energy produced to the Grid.

h. Extra benefit of the system is that it prevents the house roof from direct radiation (No direct radiation-heat on the roof during summer time can save up to 20% of cooling needs in energy demands. In some cases there might be reduction up to 5 degrees!)

Customer has to pay only for the application fee before hand which will be subtracted from the total amount of the system when it will be installed (around 50 euro per KW). If the customer cancel the order this is not refundable.

There are also other support schemes available for further details please contact us here

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