LG Libero Smart
LG Libero Smart 12000BTU Air Conditioner
574.53 Inc.VAT Pre-Order

LG Libero Smart 12000BTU Air Conditioner

574.53 Inc.VAT

  • 12000BTU
  • Rapid Cooling
  • Dual Inverter Compressor
  • Low Noise
  • Smart ThinQ ™ (Wi-Fi)
  • Inverter compressor with 10 years warranty
  • A++ / A+


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LG Libero Smart 12000BTU Air Conditioner Dual Inverter

The LG Libero Smart 12000BTU inverter technology ensures maximum efficiency and excellent performance, for an air conditioner that cools faster, lasts longer and runs quieter.

Dual Inverter Compressor

The compressor is guaranteed for 10 years, to enjoy the benefits of the LG air conditioner for an even longer period of time.

Energy Saving

Inverter technology is able to modulate the power supplied according to actual needs; this allows to keep the temperature constant, avoiding energy waste, in favor of greater efficiency and maximum energy savings.

Rapid Cooling

A wider and perfectly designed airflow allows you to reach even the farthest corners and cool the room faster.

Rapid Heating

Rapid heating function to ensure optimal heat distribution and immediate heating.

Check How Much Energy You Consume

  • Save energy and check consumption via the Smart Energy Display.

  • With LG’s Active Energy Control button, you can adjust energy consumption to three settings (80%, 60%, 40%). With the push of a button, you can control the effectiveness of the cooling and reduce energy consumption

Integrated Wi-Fi Module

Integrated Wi-Fi module to control indoor units directly via mobile devices, the LG Smart ThinQ app allows you to remotely adjust and activate appliances with various functions.

Google Home and Alexa

Internal unit compatible with Google Home and Alexa voice assistants

Maximum Silence

LG air conditioners ensure reduced noise thanks to the special Skew Fan and the Inverter compressor, which eliminate unnecessary noise and allow the product to operate as quietly as possible.

Comfort Air

Automatically sets the angle of inclination of the louvre so that the outgoing air stream is not directed directly towards the occupants of the room.

Double Protection Filter

The double protection filter captures dust particles above 10μm and bacteria.

Ease Οf Ιnstallation

LG air conditioners are designed and manufactured to be installed quickly and efficiently, reducing labor and installation time.

Smart Control For A Smart Life

  • Voice Control: With a simple voice command, thanks to the compatibility of LG ThinQ with Google Assistant you can control your LG air conditioner: only with your voice you can set on and off, operating mode and temperature.
  • Remote Control: With LG ThinQ you can remotely access your LG air conditioner, both at home and away from home, with maximum convenience. So your life becomes simpler, smarter and more comfortable.
  • Monitoring: Now you can easily check the operation, energy consumption and cleaning of the filters directly from your smartphone. Control of your LG air conditioner is at your fingertips.

Additional information



A/C Type

SEER (Cooling)

SCOP (Heating)

Energy Class (Cooling)

Energy Class (Heating)


Smart Features

Compatible with Google Home
Google Assistant


Indoor unit: 837x308x189mm
Outdoor unit: 717x483x230mm


Indoor unit: 8.7Kg
Outdoor unit: 28Kg

Noise level indoor unit (db)

59 db

Noise level outdoor unit (db)

65 db





2 Years
10 Years (compressor)


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