Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus Hybrid 6&10 kW
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Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus Hybrid 6&10 kW

3,098.823,727.10 Inc.VAT

  • Hybrid Solar
  • Battery Storage Inverter
  • Phases: 3
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • 6-10kW


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Solar Inverter Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus Hybrid

The Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus Hybrid Solar Inverter is an all runner solar inverter with full backup capabilities. Its features includes full energy management functions, WLAN connection as standard, Ethernet connectivity and easy integration of third-party components. Thanks to a selection of emergency power options (PV Point, full backup) in particular, it ensures the highest degree of power supply reliability.

The Fronius GEN24 Plus is the ideal solution for a whole range of customer requirements. GEN24 can be used with solar battery system, a Fronius Ohmpilot or your solar PV system. Fronius GEN24 Plus is the right choice for new systems as well as the upgrades retrofit of solar systems. The new Fronius GEN24 makes installation, commissioning and servicing incredibly easy.

Main Features Of The Fronius GEN24 Hybrid Solar Inverter


Fronius is the first inverter manufacturer to offer a data communication package. This has fully integrated datalogging, WLAN, Ethernet, energy management, web server and a range of interfaces. Connection to third-party components is provided by interfaces. These include Modbus TCP SunSpec, Modbus RTU SunSpec or Fronius Solar API (JSON).


The Dynamic Peak Manager is a new MPP tracking algorithm that dynamically adapts its behaviour when searching for the optimal operating point. Its special feature is that the Dynamic Peak Manager automatically checks the entire characteristic curve on a regular basis and finds the global Maximum Power Point (GMPP), even in partial shade.


DC and AC energy flows are possible in parallel. The multi flow technology allows energy from the modules and from the battery to be made available simultaneously. It is also possible for the energy from the modules to be simultaneously fed into the battery and the in-house network. With the Fronius GEN24 your batteries can be charged from both the DC and the AC side.  Example from existing PV systems or other energy sources, such as a wind turbine). This means the inverter is also suitable for AC-coupled retrofitting.


The Fronius SuperFlex Design is an ingenious combination of technical performance attributes that make designing your PV system not only extremely simple, but also incredibly flexible. The key performance factors of the SuperFlex Design are two MPP trackers, together with a high system voltage and wide DC input voltage range. Every DC input, and therefore every MPP tracker, is able to accommodate the entire nominal output of the inverter.


The Fronius Symo GEN24 Plus Hybrid Solar Inverter can operate with or without a battery, the inverter delivers the highest degree of supply reliability for the home sector:

  • Back-up power option possible with and without battery
  • Basic grid back-up (PV Point) integrated as standard
  • Full back-up option offers maximum independence.


The integrated basic grid back-up ensures that important loads can continue to operate should the power fail. The PV Point can be used with as well as without battery.

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