LG NeoN-R 380Q1C 380Wp
417.86 Inc.VAT Pre-Order

LG NeoN-R 380Q1C 380Wp

417.86 Inc.VAT

  • Warranty: 25 yrs
  • After 25 years: Guaranteed at least 90.8% of initial performance
  • 60 Cell N-Type
  • Monocrystalline
  • Powerful Design
  • Guaranteed Robust
  • 380Wp

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Solar Panel LG NeoN-R 380Q1C 380Wp

The solar panel LG NeoN-R is a 60 cell N-type monocrystalline module, aesthetically innovative and with an exceptional power of up to 380 Wp, is an optimal solution for any roof and need.

Overall the differences between the NeON 2 and the NeON R are:

📌 The NeON R is the latest technology from LG and have the highest efficiency of any LG solar panels.

📌 NeON R has an one of the best temperature co-efficient, meaning on hot days the panels perform better than NeON 2 and much better than standard panels.

📌 The degradation rate of the NeON R is less than the NeON 2 over 25 years and much less than standard panels.

📌 The NeON 2 has 12 wire thin busbars and the NeON R has no busbars on the front of the panels. Both panels have an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

📌 The NeON 2 is less efficient than the NeON R, but still much more efficient than standard panels. Therefore, the NeON R will allow you to put the biggest possible system on your roof.

Strong Design, Powerful Performance

The busbars on the new LG NeON R were mounted on the rear of the cells to expose the entire front side to light and therefore generate more electricity. LG creates an innovative and aesthetic cell design by incorporating 30 rear-side busbars instead of the 3 or 4 standard busbars on the cell front, a revolutionary approach that guarantees outstanding module performance.

Powerful Design, Guaranteed Robust

With reinforced frame design, LG NeON® R can endure a front load up to 6,000Pa (represents snow height of normal snow of more than 1.8 meters) and a rear load up to 5,400Pa (represents wind speed of up to 93 m/s, compare max. wind speed of Hurricane Katrina 2005 of max. 75 m/s).

25 Years Product Warranty

As well as the enhanced performance warranty, LG has extended the product warranty of the LG NeON® R from 15 years to 25 years.

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Watt Peak


17.5 Kg


170×101.6×4 cm

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