Midea Blanc Air-Conditioner 24000BTU

889 Inc.VAT

  • 24000Btu
  • Refrigerant Leak Alarm
  • Self-Diagnosis
  • WiFi
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • A++/A+++


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Midea Blanc Air-Conditioner 24000BTU 889 Inc.VAT
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Midea Blanc Air-Conditioner 24000BTU

The new Midea Blanc air-conditioner 24000BTU will surprise you with the innovative features, design and performance. With Quattro Inverter technology and the new environmentally friendly gas R32, it offers you maximum energy savings and guaranteed performance, certified by Eurovent. 

📌 WiFi  Application: 

Control your air conditioner and schedules easily through the Smart Devices app. You can turn on your air conditioner before arriving at home so that you can get the perfect temperature later on.

📌 Super  Ionizer:  

Eliminates odors, dust, smoke and pollen particles, offering fresh air and a healthy environment.

📌 Follow Me: 

Follow Me, makes you feel comfortable every hour after automatically adjusting the air conditioner’s ambient temperature according to the smart sensor on the wireless controller. 

📌 Super Cool: 

With a simple touch, you can turn on Super Cool mode and set the room temperature to 17 ° C

📌 GA StepLess Comfort Technology: 

The air conditioner operating system is parameterized based on actual room conditions and data, achieving uncomplicated adaptation across the compressor speed range.

📌 Gear Change Mode: 

With Gear Change, Midea air conditioners offer the choice of three levels of savings of 50%, 75% and 100%.

📌 iECO Mode: 

Midea air conditioners have iECO energy saving technology, which allows for comfort for an 8-hour period with increased levels of savings. IECO is available only when cooling is in operation.

📌 Smart SleepMode: 

Choose one of the sleeping functions that is designed for seniors, youngsters and kids, or just create your own.

📌 Quick Cooling & Heating: 

Midea Inverter Quattro air conditioners use fast start technology with powerful cold or hot air to achieve instant comfort.

📌 3D Air Distribution: 

The air of the air conditioner reaches every corner of the room with the automatic four-way swing of the blinds.

📌 Triple Filter: 

The air conditioner features a triple filter system to protect against harmful particles. Your application reminds you of their cleaning time.

📌 Diamond Cabinet Housing:

The spiral shaped outlet grille and redesigned and optimized impeller, improve the air flow and reduce noise. The “T” configuration cover optimizes the enclosure stability.

📌 Golden Fin Protection: 

Golden Fin fin is a Coating that prevents the growth and spread of bacteria from the surfaces of the external element. It also improves heat dissipation characteristics and reduces defrosting time.

📌 Cooling-Heating:

Super Cool | Quick Cooling / Heating | Vertical Swing of Blinds | Minimum Heat 8 °C | Auto Restart

📌 Energy Consumption:

Gear Change | iECO | Standby <1W

📌 Comfort:

Favorite Cool | Follow Me | GA Stepless Technology | Do Not Disturb | Anti-cold air | Smart Dehumidification | Smart Defrost

📌 Clean Air:

Super Ionizer | High Density Filter | Triple Filter | Bio filter | Self-cleaning

📌 Smart Technologies:

Wi-Fi Wireless Control Kit (Optional) | Weekly Timetables | Smart Sleep Mode | Intelligent Diagnosis | i-Remote / Hotel Menu Location of blinds

📌 Strength-Reliability:

Diamond Cabinet Housing | Fin Protection | Golden Fin | Emergency Use | Leak Detection

Additional information



A/C Type

SEER (Cooling)

SCOP (Heating)

Energy Class (Cooling)

Energy Class (Heating)



Indoor unit: 1038x235x325mm
Outdoor unit: 845x363x702


Indoor unit: 12.8Kg
Outdoor unit: 51.5Kg

Noise level indoor unit (db)

61 db

Noise level outdoor unit (db)

69 db



5 Years


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