Trina Solar Honey TSM-DE08M(II) 375Wp
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Trina Solar Honey TSM-DE08M(II) 375Wp

156.32 Inc.VAT

  • 120 Half-Cut
  • Monocrystalline Cells
  • Ultra-Τhin
  • 375Wp

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Trina Solar Honey TSM-DE08M (II) 375Wp

The Trina Solar Honey TSM-DE08M is perfect for small rooftop systems. HONEY panels can generate high amounts of energy even when space is limited. As one of the industry’s most trusted panels, the HONEY module is a popular option for residential and commercial customers because of its reliability, pleasing aesthetics and compatibility with all major balance of system components and module electronics.

Great for residential rooftop application

  • Maximize limited space with up to 199 W/m2 power density
  • Ultra-thin, virtually invisible busbars

Half-cut cell design brings higher efficiency

  • Low thermal coefficients for higher energy yield at elevated operating temperatures
  • Reduced interconnection losses

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Watt Peak


20 Kg


176.3x104x3.5 cm

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