LG Therma V HN1610H.NK3 Heat Pump 16kW

11760.77 Inc.VAT

  • High energy efficiency
  • Maximum 80°C LWT
  • Only for heating (no cooling)
  • Suitable for old radiator
  • Black Fin heat exchanger
  • LG ThinQ
  • R1 scroll compressor (for outdoor unit)
  • Efficient & flexible design

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LG Therma V HN1610H.NK3 Heat Pump 16kW 11760.77 Inc.VAT
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LG Therma V HN1610H.NK3 Heat Pump 16kW

The LG Therma V HN1610H.Nk3 is an air-to-water heat pump specially designed for new and modernized homes, taking into account LG’s advanced heating technology and energy saving.
The THERMA V pump can be used as a heating solution cooperating with a floor or radiator system, a domestic hot water heating system or an installation containing several heat sources.

The LG THERMA V heat pump has been designed with the use of advanced technologies in order to provide the customer with rational benefits, such as energy efficiency, comfort, and simplicity of control and operation.
The inverter technology and the optimization of components such as the water pump, heat exchanger and fan motor ensure excellent energy efficiency. In addition, the refrigerant pressure control technology ensures stable heating performance at low temperatures and makes it easy to achieve the target operating parameters.

In addition, the compact design, anti-corrosion coating of the exchanger and user-oriented functions confirm the high quality and reliability, as well as the satisfaction of users using the full line of LG products with a heating capacity from 5kW to 16kW.

2-Stage Cascade Compression Technology

The cascade technology of the BLDC R410A and R134a compressors enables the production of hot water with a temperature of up to 80 ° C. It is suitable for use in existing, old boiler heating systems that require a hot water supply.

Fast Defrost

Due to the R134A compressor control technology, the time required for the defrost operation has been effectively minimized. (LG Patent)

LG Electronics Inverter Compressor

The THERMA V heat pump is equipped with a BLDC compressor with strong neodymium magnets. This compressor has better performance than standard AC inverter devices and is optimized for seasonal performance:

  • Optimized oil circulation
  • High-performance engine
  • Optimized compression
  • Vibration and noise reduction
  • High reliability

Improved Heat Exchanger

Efficiency and efficiency have been improved by increasing the degree of heat transfer through wide fins and a new, optimized design of the distributor in the heat exchanger.

Inverter BLDC Fan Motor

The BLDC fan motor offers additional energy savings of up to 40% at low speeds and 20% at higher speeds compared to AC motors.

Reliability At Low Temperature

Pressure control, thanks to the stable operation of the system at low ambient temperatures, allowed for a significant improvement in heating efficiency.

Corrosion-Resistant Heat Exchanger

To protect against corrosion, the aluminum fins of the LG external heat exchanger are covered with a gold-colored epoxy anti-corrosion coating. This means that it maintains excellent heat conduction properties for a long time, while the lack of Gold Fin ™ coating causes a gradual loss of performance due to surface corrosion. The Gold Fin ™ solution is ideal in areas with high air pollution or in locations prone to sea salt spray.

Automatic Seasonal Operation Mode

In this operating mode, the supply water temperature will automatically change in relation to changes in the outdoor temperature. Seasonal operation type can be used for both heating and cooling operation, reducing operating costs by approximately 15%.

Improved Low Noise Fan

The new fan has a narrow blade at the root and a trailing edge with protrusions for greater efficiency, low noise and improved airflow efficiency.

Quiet Mode With A Work Schedule

By using the remote controller, the user can activate a quiet operation mode with a reduced noise level. You can also set a weekly on / off schedule for this mode.

Simple Installation And Service

The ALL-IN-ONE concept

Each LG THERMA V kit includes the following main components:

  • compressor
  • fan – evaporator
  • expansion valve
  • plate heat exchanger – condenser
  • backup heater
  • circulation pump
  • expansion vessel

Convenient connection for installers and compact housing

The Therma V heat pump has been shaped to minimize its size and weight, and thus to create favorable conditions for its installation.


Additional information


Power (kW)

COP Indoor


COP Outdoor


SCOP (Heating)

Water Heating Energy Class



Indoor Unit: 84 Kg
Outdoor Unit: 89 Kg

Dimensions (Indoor Unit)


Dimensions (Outdoor Unit)



Outdoor Unit: R-410A
Indoor Unit: R-134A

Sound Power (Outdoor Unit)

63 dBA




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